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Friday, March 09, 2012

March 9, 2012-Motoring toward Brazil

It's the last night at sea in the South Atlantic Ocean.

The wind is gone, the sails are furled, and we're motoring at five and a half knots; we've got a clear sky, a full moon, and very calm seas.

The batteries are gone, good thing we're motoring, but we could make it sailing if we had wind; we can manage the battery problem.

We've got food, water, fuel, and a good engine, so we can motor for a long time if we need to but Fernando de Naronha is close, 65 miles, we only need to motor for 11 more hours.

Tomorrow Brazil, a new country, a new continent. We'd rather arrive under sail and if the wind comes up at all, we'll turn off the motor and rasie the sails.

No sign of that now; I guess I'll run a weather forecast.

Fred & Judy (and Randy & Laura), SV Wings, South Atlantic Ocean

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