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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11, 2015-Regatta Over

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After The Race

Two and a half months of preparation, hard work, training, and competition in minor races were the lead-up to this moment. It was the first rounding of the top mark in the last race of the Bandaras Bay Regatta.

The water was as blue as India ink, the sun as bright as the high desert, the bobbing yellow windward mark was flashing by as the spinnaker was going up. When that sail filled the boat surged ahead and we went flying straight downwind in the fresh breeze. The wind was right, the course was perfect for us, and the crew was hot. The next few minutes made the whole two and a half months of preparation and hard work worth it: In 200 yards we passed one boat and were reeling in the next. The leader, Olas Lindas, looked closer. At the bottom mark we were in second place and closing on first. No we didn't go on to win, we were still minutes behind Olas at the finish, but it was the closest we'd come the whole regatta and it felt good.

It was really nice to have a good day; we'd had some tough sailing in the first two races, hard sailing, and while we were always in the hunt, we finished well down both days. The starts were fine, and each time we came off the line leading, but we never could hold off Olas on the beat. A bad habit of overstanding the windward mark let another boat, Bright Star, by twice. There were some other mistakes and when the courses, with the long reaches which didn't suit us, were thrown into the mix, we struggled.

But this, THIS! Now this was sailing and this is what we came for. When the race was over we were exuberant.

Now we have finished the Bandaras Bay Regatta, the focus of our campaign this year, and the racing in Puerto Vallarta is essentially over for the season. We put a lot into it, hard work, some money, and a lot of wear and tear on the boat and sails. But the effort was worth it in many ways besides a good finish in one last race: We refreshed our racing skills, picked up some local knowledge which we can use next year, and we had some wonderful times with our new crew. And most importantly, we were in the arena, as Teddy Roosevelt said, which is something. And in the end, you get out of something exactly what you put into it, and we put in a lot.

So, we shift gears once again. Spring is here, and Summer is soon to follow. We won't be racing, but, once we take a breath to recover from this season of competition, we have work to do. We have boat projects to do, Mexican immigration to deal with, and a summer's heat to adjust to. Next year, if we do this again, we'll have to refresh the crew, repair the tired old sails, and make the effort all over again.

We'll see.

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Fred & Judy

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Fred & Judy, SV Wings, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

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Blogger lil sis said...

70 hovers near to the sailor. It is like a dark and stormy night with a flashlight in hand.
But the sailor is not fearful for he knows the dawn will come bringing warmth and light. Besides....... He has a huge stash of batteries and many bottles of wine in the hold.....
Have a grand day big brother. You are loved.
Hugs n mushy stuff
lil sis

14 March, 2015 08:56  
Blogger wingssail said...


14 March, 2015 15:43  
Anonymous Skyler said...

thank-you fred and judy for a great racing season and putting up with the green crew members such as myself. I know we all had a great time and next year we'll get you one of those trophies!

16 March, 2015 12:10  

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