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Saturday, June 04, 2016

June 4, 2016-Sailing, Sailing, and More Sailing

wingssail images-fredrick roswold

On June 1 we arrived back at La Cruz after a 1300 mile cruise to the Sea of Cortez. We did a lot of sailing on that cruise. You'd think we had enough for a while. But I have this funny thing about being tied up to the dock when there is a good sailing day going on just outside the marina. I feel like there are only so many good sailing days and I can't hardly stand to waste one.

But anyhow, it was Judy's idea to go out for a day sail, never mind that we just got back from the last one. She had her reasons. And I knew the breeze would be up, so even though I just put the sails away and washed the salt off from the last trip, I was ready.

Here's the excuse we gave: We needed to go out of the marina where the water is clean and check the bottom of the boat to see if the speedo is OK (because it was reading slow on the trip back from Topo). Then we need to sail a bit and see if it is corrected. So that's the plan.

C came along. C? C is our friend who has the shortest name on record. She is a sailor with a heart of gold and she loves to go out sailing. She didn't need to be asked twice.

We left at 10:00 AM, before there was any wind, and motored up past Punta Blanca and then anchored in the cove Rick told us about. It was tight. Judy said, "We should move". And C asked, " Why do we need to be here where there is such a small comfort zone?" I know when I am out-voted.

So we moved.

It was OK, we got a bit more room and re-anchored and then I dove on the boat and cleaned the speedo and checked the salt water pick up, and Judy and C swam to shore and then the wind came up so we raised the anchor got out of Dodge.

Judy and C

But that's when the day got really good. We put up the sails and headed upwind, towards the mouth of the bay, sheeted in. We sailed out to the Marietas, into the blue, into the hazy day, just easy sailing out into the Pacific Ocean. We had a beer. The dolphins cavorted. The sea was smooth and the boat was fast. The speedo worked. We had a nice sail and we talked and enjoyed each other's company.

Judy made lunch.

Then it was getting late and so we turned down wind and sailed back. C steered and she was fast; she hit 9.03 knots. But control was no problem. She said, "This is the easiest boat to steer I've ever steered on" and we never thought to be anything but relaxed. We sailed 21 miles and we all loved it.

So then we came into the marina with the main up and dropped it inside and got into the slip in time to put the boat away and go to the Mexican Train domino party where I had three giant margarita's.

Which ended another great day.

Click here for a couple more photos.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, La Cruz Huancaxtle

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Blogger lil sis said...

Checking ticket prices end of sept. Will you be home then? (La Cruz)
Hugs lil sis

08 June, 2016 21:59  
Anonymous Sue Osier said...

You guys are really something. I will never forget when you pulled into Port Vila (Vanuatu) after sailing from Oz. It was either the next day or next to the next day that you got a couple of inexperienced Ni-Vanuatus for crew and went out for a race. I think even with them, you won. I was blown away. I don't know what amazed me more--someone racing their boat almost immediately after an ocean crossing or the fact that another Serendipity 43 pulled in. I am raising a glass of California Chardonnay in your honor.
Sue Osier
of the Serendipity 43, Peregrine

09 August, 2016 18:42  

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