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Thursday, September 25, 1997

September 27, 1997-Duckin' the 'canes

September is bad in the Sea for Hurricanes. We were peacefully resting up north in the islands when we saw the ITCZ start to generate a bunch of them. While other boats were talking about where to go we raised sail and made a dash for the safety of San Carlos. A beat of 140 miles which got a little rough but we made it, mostly in one piece, before any of those nasty 'canes got us.

Hurricane Linda was no problem, it took one little peek into the Sea of Cortez down by Cabo San Lucas and decided to go west young man, and never touched us. However the satellite pics we received were awesome, awesome.

Linda Appears

And Moves Away

Nora Appears

Nora Sneaks into the Sea of Cortez

Hurricane Nora, on the other hand, came up the outside, snuck over the Baja mountains and raised a little ruckus here for a couple of days, but since we been hidin' out behind a mountain called "Tits of the Goat (Tetas de Cabra)" we were protected from most of the storm, and it didn't pass that close anyhow. Now it's gone and we are watching the next one. We do consider ourselves very lucky though, because we made it in here, where we just got a little wind for 36 hours, but no problema. At least a couple of boats, one nearby and one up north, were caught in open roadsteads and wrecked by dragging onto shore in bad seas. No people injured that we know of. The rest of the fleet of boats cruising the Sea of Cortez made it to various bays and harbors, mostly on the west side of the Sea where they are holed up, hoping that no storms get too close. We are here on the east side, hanging out at the Mai Tai bar. Tonight we watched the live E.R. premier and had two for one drinks.

So, WINGS is fine, so are we.

We'll write again soon

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, San Carlos

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