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Friday, November 14, 1997

November 19, 1997-Disco Bus

Sometimes the best entertainment in Mexico is close to free and totally unexpected.

The other night we took a bus to town and we experienced one of those times. The buses here are apparently either owned or permanently assigned to individual drivers who decorate them to suit their tastes and fancies. This one was decorated inside with colorful stickers for rock bands and hand painted names of his wife and kids. There were religious icons on the ceiling surrounded by tassels and fringe.

It was lighted inside by "black lights" and the driver played his stereo loudly. He was selecting all disco from the 80's on this trip. It was rush hour and the bus soon became jammed with commuters heading downtown to transfer to the suburban routes.

There were many young well dressed Mexicans, including a number of working mothers with babies picked up from day care and young men with brief cases. The night was a stormy one, with rain and wind, but warm, so the windows were open. This bus ride was an onslaught to our senses, the black light, the loud disco music, the dark hair, flashing smiles, and laughter of the Mexican passengers, and everything bouncing and swaying on the bumpy road which seemed to be in time to the music. Outside the palm trees were bending in the wind and the lights of Mazatlan reflected on the wet streets, and in the darkness you could see the whiteness of the huge surf pounding on the beach next to the road. We squeezed off at our stop and were almost wishing we could just stay on for the whole trip.

After our doctor's appointment we went to the Mazatlan version of Pioneer Square, (Old Town), stopped by the Angela Peralta Theater for a poster (temporarily out), and had some Pacifico beers with friends we ran into at a sidewalk cafe on the Plaza. We were delighted to find that the beers were $5 Pesos ($.65).

Going home two hours later we got the same bus, it was empty and the music had switched to Mexican folk, but it was still fun. A downpour happened as we ran back to our boat from the bus stop and we got back aboard laughing and drenched to the skin.

A fun filled night.

We'll write again soon.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Mazatlan


Saturday, November 08, 1997

November 9, 1997-Peaceful Mazatlan

Max & Steve Painter visited us in Mazatlan and we had a great time, including one day sailing in the Sea of Cortez
wingssail-Fredrick Roswold

Mazatlan Smog

This morning I walked up to the head of the dock and a man was there who had ridden up on a brown pony. The man wore a cowboy had and western style work clothing. He might have been out riding for fun but he didn't seem to be dressed for fun. He tied his pony to a power pole next to a new Cadillac parked there also and he walked over to the Telmex phone on the wall, inserted a magnetic phone card, made a short call, then untied his pony and rode off across the dirt towards the hills to the east of here. No one seemed to pay any attention or think anything of this event, so neither did I, but it was sort of, well... Mexican.

We've been in Mazatlan for a couple of weeks, and we have enjoyed a very nice visit from Steve and Max. We hung out on the beaches, took long walks, went sailing, and tried a lot of restaurants. We also drove out into the hills to some old towns which were pretty scenic.
Copala's New Church
Max's Furry Friend
In the evenings we watched movies on TV with them in their hotel room. Of course there was the requisite shopping to be done along with lots of cabs and bus rides. They have been to many places in Mexico and they said that Mazatlan is different from all the rest. Judy and I agree. We like its clean streets, beautiful beaches, and interesting old town areas.

We spent some time with Jacques and Dawn from Seattle. They came down last year on Chanson but they have been coming here for years as Jacques is a musician who has played at the Shrimp Bucket here. He is now considering other locations as the Shrimp Bucket has gone "touristy". Loud music and overflowing with tequilla and over friendly waiters. Jacques and Dawn have spent summers either in Seattle or in the mountains of Mexico. Jacques drives his old "Cal Marine" chevy van around Mexican style, with the side door open. When they move, like recently when they came down from the mountains, they towed the Fiat convertible and put the big Japanese touring motorcycle inside the van. With three dogs and two cats there was little room for belongings but they seemed to have all they needed. They showed us some quaint Mexican restaurants.

We had a day of rain, gentle drizzle like Seattle and 65 degrees. We started the heater just to see if it would work. It did. Now the sun is back and it's a nice 85-90 out. We are sleeping with blankets again so it must be getting towards winter.

Today we may go sailing, but we'll have to see how we feel at 1:00. Right now we feel pretty lazy.

So, this is life in Mazatlan. It's pretty good I'd say.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Mazatlan


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