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Saturday, October 25, 1997

Sailing near Mazatlan

Judy enjoying the wind, Mazatlan, Mexico
wingssail-Fredrick Roswold


Friday, October 24, 1997

October 25, 1997-Underway Again

This is a repeat, We are resending this because AOL apparently had a problem last time and couldn't get it out to any user on the internet. We got back a message about all these servers off line, Hah! Just like AOL. They think everyone else in the world is broken down.

Meanwhile we got to Mazatlan after an uneventfull 380 mile passage. Time 70 hours, Avg wind: 7kts, sailing time: 21 hours, fuel use: 36 gallons.

Today, Tuesday October 21, WINGS is underway southbound from San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, towards Mazatlan, a distance of 380 nautical miles. Currently it is 4:00 PM and we are sailing slowly on a beam reach under main and Genoa. The wind is NW at 8-10 kts. For a couple of weeks the Sea of Cortez had good northerly winds, but now that we are sailing south it has light winds. At least they are aft the beam. Our last passage, into San Carlos from up north, was against southerly winds. I expect however to do a lot of motoring on this trip. We left at 1:00 PM today, and after setting sail, putting on the wind vane, and doing some navigation, we took showers and settled down to watch and watch, getting into the swing for a longish passage, probably three days.

It was a little sad to say goodbye to San Carlos. It is a really neat place; beautifull, clean and quiet. The people there are friendly, and prices are good. We had nothing better to do each afternoon than go to the Mai Tai Bar and have two for one drinks in the airconditioned room and watch news or sports on the TV. It really is happy hour when you come in out of 100 degrees of heat and have an ice cold Mexican beer. Yes it was hot this summer in San Carlos, but we didn't suffer too much, WINGS is pretty cool even in the heat.

Plus we had a lot of friends there, mostly cruisers, but some locals too.

Now we are on to a new adventure, Mazatlan, big city, wow! We are meeting friends there and plan on staying a while there like we did in San Carlos. We'll write you all form there as soon as we get there. In the meanwhile, the wind has dropped and I going on deck to take down the genoa. Then we'll start the engine for a while.

Thats all for now,

Fred & Judy, SV Wings Underway in The Sea of Cortez

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