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Friday, January 15, 1999

January 15, 1999-Getting Back to Normal in Auckland

Fred & Judy, In Bayswater Marina, Auckland

Life at the dock in Bayswater: Normal.

At 7:00 the TV goes comes on and we wake up to BBC world news. At twenty past the hour, every hour, the wake from the ferry's arrival rocks WINGS. Since we can get French roasted coffee beans here and fresh coffee every morning is the required to get the day going. Often we have something to do in the city and it's across the bridge. Maybe to the America's Cup village to check out the AC boats, maybe a visit to the press room for the Around the World Alone boats, maybe just a shopping trip to one of the marine stores. For groceries we go to a supermarket in historic Devenport, and stop at the vegie store and the bakery. In the afternoon we might do a boat project or take a walk, and after dinner, when the phone rates go down we check email.

Pretty boring huh?

Well, just remember that we lived aboard Wings, in a marina just about like this in Seattle for ten years. To us, this is normal, and we love it.

There is a lot more to do in New Zealand than we've been doing, and probably we'll get on the ball pretty soon, but for now we are just taking it sort of easy.

We hope all is well with you, we'll write again soon.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Auckland


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