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Saturday, January 12, 2002

Jan 12, 2002 The Volvo's Are Coming

It isn't quite like the America's Cup in Auckland, but the Volvo Ocean Race Village in Sydney is finally getting to be a busy place. Two weeks ago when the world circling Volvo Ocean Race boats left South Africa for Sydney there wasn't anything here at the village site but a grassy park. In fact the boats were well on their way before any work was started here in at all. Now, after a fury of building activity there is a whole complex of team bases, haulout facilities, race headquarters, a media center, and the usual cafe's and pubs the spring up when a big sailing event is coming to town.
The Volvo Ocean Race is a 'round the world race with several stops for fully crewed 60 foot sailboats. The race is well covered and you can see photos and stories on the internet, or at least you could, at Here in Sydney Australia, their second stopover, the race village has been set up right where we have Wings moored, at the Pyrmont Bay Marina. We had to move our boat slightly to make room for the racers. The first ones are expected on December 3 or 4th, last I heard, and they are going to be tired sailors after roaring neck and neck around the Southern Ocean at fantastic speeds.
Since we are still living ashore while we finish the refurb project on Wings the commotion at the dock won't disturb us too much, but even the apartment is close. We can look out our window and see when the race boats are in the slips.
Speaking of the refurbishment, it is going well, if slower than we'd hoped. Right now the interior is getting new varnish, the deck is going back together, and the new cabin sole is being made in a suburb nearby. Maybe we'll have it all back together by mid December and be sailing again.

Wings'cabin after the refit..

The Nav Station...

Ready to go...

We are also getting closer to the Dec 26 start of the Sydney Hobart sailboat race. Fred is sailing this big event on Icon, but Judy is flying to Hobart to join in the fun down there without the necessity of a likely rough crossing of the Bass Strait. We were on Icon yesterday at her berth in Sydney, and Jim and Robin and mate Ev have made a lot of progress getting her ready.
Finally, since we know most of you are in the middle of a cold winter in the northern hemisphere, we thought we include a photo of the Jacaranda trees which dot the scenery here in Australia each Spring, which is the season here now.

Fred & Judy, SV WINGS, Sydney

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Sydney Australia

Jacaranda Trees In Sydney Australia
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