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Sunday, April 05, 1998

Acapulco Shopping Trip

As our depature day draws close going to the supermercado was a daily chore. Judy heads off from our base at the "Club de Yate Acapulco" to buy some more provisions.
wingssail-Fredrick Roswold


Saturday, April 04, 1998

April 5, 1998-Heading West by ¼ South

Its morning on our last day in Acapulco and the last in North America, and the bright Mexican sunlight sparkles on Wings' hull. Aloft the Wings war banner waves lazily and Blue Peter is hoisted below the Mexican flag on the starb'rd flag haly'rd: "This ship sails today" it signifies.

Provisions are aboard, food for three or four months, not that we'll be on the crossing long enough to need that much, but as a hedge against expensive grocery prices in the South Pacific. Fuel, water, and other last minute preparations are complete, Wings takes it's departure today, outward bound for Iles de Marquises, 2880 miles distant, 20 days, “mas o menos”, more or less.

We are ready.

Bring on the trade winds; let's see some 200 mile days.

We have enjoyed Mexico. Everywhere we went we feel that we could have stayed longer, seen more, done more.

And we have wonderful memories of Mexico,

The Mai Tai Bar in San Carlos with it's expatriate crowd,

The warm water racing (in shorts) in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan,

The local activities at the town square (or basketball court) in the beach towns all up and down the coast,

The clear waters and stunning scenery of Baja,

Street tacos everywhere,

Our new Mexican friends,

And of course the urban pleasures and pains of Acapulco.

Acapulco Old Town

Acapulco Hotel


We think that next time we'll stay longer in Mexico, that is, if we don't get waylaid somewhere else in the world along the way. Maybe Turkey, or Thailand, (we're partial to those "T" places, not that we've been to any, but they sound good). However, Mexico will be hard to beat for lovely people, good cruising, and great prices.

We've sailed Wings a long way so far, but the next one is the real deal. For example, it is only 2200 miles all the way back to Seattle, but our next leg is 2800 miles. Double or nothing. We've been in Acapulco for 15 days, which seems like a long time, except that we'll probably be a week more than that on just this next crossing, sailing outside the sight of land for three weeks. It boggles my mind. Well, lots of other people have done it, so I guess we can, anyway, starting today, we'll find out.

We have loved our ability to communicate with all of you, and we fully expect to resume it again once we get to a place where cell phones work and are reasonably priced. But please don't worry if there is a gap. For the next few weeks we'll be in remote places, and our communications to shore bound folks will be limited. Perhaps the proper perspective is that "absense makes the heart grow fonder". In this case, absense of a weekly email from Wings might make you wish for one, instead of wanting to be rid of them. One can hope. So, for the next few weeks, each morning when you arise, think of us, out there sailing West by 1/4 South.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Acapulco, Mexico

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