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Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12, 2008-Western Circuit Regatta-Day One

wingssail image-Judy Jensen
Out there, doing it

The biggest race in Singapore is the Western Circuit Regatta sailed out of Raffles Marina in August; a three day regatta sailed over three weekends.
Kite Takedown

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On the first day we came, we met, we placed well down.

That's the way it goes sometimes, sail well: do badly, sail worse: do terribly.

We had three races on the first day; six short legs each. We had lots of sail sets, kite sets, jibes, takedowns; a lot of good training. The first race we were sharp. We got off the line well and sailed well; but we got third and corrected out to 5th. The next two races were worse; we again got 5ths and that was only because Foxy Lady dropped out. We should have done better.

At least the crew work was good. I have no complaints; they know their jobs.

My work could have been better: on two of the races I had terrible starts. On the last race we were over early, we fouled a boat and we were lucky to avoid a serious collision. Omar helped me get out of that one. Usually I don't like to feel some one's hand on my tiller, but Omar gave it a big shove right when we needed it. Thanks Omar. We were pushed over the line early and in trying to get back we fouled Aquavit. Then we had to do a 720. So we got away from the line in one piece but we were behind, and didn't catch up. A problem at the top mark put us completely out of it.

Anyhow, the races were brutally short, but that's the nature of the beast at Raffles; you have short races or you have really long ones. Today we had short races and we worked hard to get all 18 legs done without screw-up, which we did, except mine.

But it was really hard work. At the end of the day people were pretty tired, including Judy and me. In fact, were all exhausted.

Never mind, we worked hard, we felt tired, and that is what this crew expects.

So from that perspective we had a good day; we didn't win, but we're out there competing and that is what counts, and we are getting experience on the boat and that is what we need.

Next week we have a "passage race", a longer race out past Marambong and up to the Malaysian entrance mark. We will try again.

wingssail image
Fred & Judy

Fred & Judy, S/V Wings, Singapore

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Story from New Caledonia

wingssail image-fredrick roswold
New Caledonia

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Fred & Judy, Bangkok
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