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Friday, December 21, 2018

December 21, 2018-Good Teamwork Produces Satisfying Wins

wingssail images-elinore craig
Fred & Judy

We started off the racing season with some great performances due to really good teamwork.

It's funny how winning and knowing we all worked well together made for a happy crew.

wingssail images-elinore craig
Hi Jinks on Wings

The boat must have liked it too, we felt fast on all points of sail.

ken ouwehand image
Going to windward with the new A-3

The competition is good however, and we know that the racing this season will be a challenge. But we also know it will be fun.

Click here for photos of all the crew.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, La Cruz Huacaxtle

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December 19, 2018-Old Friends Show up In La Cruz

wingssail images-fredrick roswold

Sixteen years ago Wings anchored in beautiful anchorage in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. It was called Asenvari, on the island of Maewo.

There we met a beautiful family whose boat Noason was anchored in the Bay, Gene Mim-Mack, Robbie Springs, and their daughter Allison.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Gene Mim-Mack and Robbie Springs and their daughter Allison, 2002

They were completing a wonderful project on Asenvari and I wrote a story about it, here.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold

This year Gene, Allison and Robbie, on a different Noason, showed up in La Cruz and we were happy to be reunited with them. They are still a beautiful boating family.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Gene Mim-Mack and Robbie Springs and their daughter Allison, 2018

A lot of water has passed under their keels since 2002, much of it on land, and if you meet them I'm sure they will enthrall you with their story.


Click here to read the original story.

Click here for more images from Asenvari.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, La Cruz Huancaxtle

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December 13, 2018-Is This a Car Repair?

Aire Condicionados Alaska-image
Bomb Went Off?

What happened to our car? Did a bomb go off inside?

No, just an air conditioner repair. When the evaporator had a leak and all the gas came out we took it to the local shop, Aire Condicionados Alaska, where Hugo, Eduardo, and Armando said they could fix it, "Come back Monday, we'll have the part, and pick it up Tuesday".

Then I got these photos on Whats App. OMG!

They said, "It's ready."

When I got there it was all done except for the wash job.

The Bill:
Parts $200
Labor $25
Wash Job, Free

Their father (also Armando) liked our car so much he tried to buy it.

wingssail images-fredrick roswold
Eduardo washes up, or was it Hugo?

We love Mexico.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, La Cruz Huanacaxtle

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Friday, December 07, 2018

December 5, 2018-First Practice

wingssail images-lisa diel
Wings Sailing

Racing rolls around each December. The crew, those who summer up north, drift back into town and the rest of us who summered here put away our boat projects and start puttering with rigging and sails and daydreaming about the sleek hulls of the racing boats gliding to windward in Banderas Bay. Our hearts beat with some excitement at those thoughts.

I am one of the latter. I don't leave the bay each summer, and I am here all year, and as the season begins to turn from summer heat to winter coolness each day I spend more time thinking about the sailing; about when we start.

Our first race will be "The Blast", Dec 12 to Dec 14. The crew would be rusty even if we didn't have some new folks. But we do. A few changes, some rotation, and we have a fresh mix-up on the boat. Not the best for a race.

So we scheduled a practice. Weds is good. Everybody has Wednesdays reserved for sailing so even though Mike didn't plan a race we went out.

I pushed the crew a little, we set sail immediately after leaving the harbor and started throwing in tacks. People were startled at the suddenness of it and shook themselves, as if to get the cobwebs out, then they got into it. Judy watched everyone like a hawk and stopped the foul-ups before they could happen. But the sailing went well. Rod and Carol and Pete, the new guy, worked like they'd been together for a decade. Dick had the main flying. The new forward hands, Don and Glenn, scampered around the front and spent time looking aloft so I said, "Set-up the A2 kite, we'll hoist it in 50 meters". I knew it was already set up, I did it before we left the dock. But to them, this was real.

"One boat length!" there was no mark to round but I imagined one, and the kite went up and we turned downwind but it was good that Lynne threw herself on the bag early because that sail almost came out too soon.

Bang, the spinnaker filled and I called for the jib to be dropped. It came down. Minor problem: Judy was caught outside of the spinnaker sheet. I saw her grimace as she yanked her left leg out of the way and she dragged her leg behind her as she regained the foredeck.

"You OK?" She nodded and inspected her leg. A little blood. A rope burn and a scratch. She'll be fine.

"Standby to jibe!".

It happened remarkably smoothly. I thought, that went nice.

"Shift the jib, we have a leeward mark coming up". They dragged the jib to the other side, preparing to re-hoist it.

"Hoist. OK drop the spinnaker." It came down but got wet. If it had been a real race we'd have lost time.

"Let's get that kite packed" and two hands went below deck to deal with a lot of yards of wet spinnaker cloth.

More tacks, again the jib crew was smooth, the tacks fast. We got back to the weather mark and the spinnaker bag came up the bow hatch and flopped on deck. Don hooked it up.

Another set, another jibe. Perfect.

This time we called the finish line and dropped the kite on deck, none of it went into the water.


Rod hauled the beer chest on deck.

"Good job you guys, great practice."

So next week we race. We're ready.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, La Cruz

Wings' track

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